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Live Pterosaurs

Everywhere we read this: "65 million years ago." But how does the writer of that sentence in a textbook or a newspaper article know that? I suspect it was not from the writers' own scientific investigation; it was simply a repetition of what many other writers have written over and over . . .

According to "Searching for Ropens," (nonfiction book) "pterosaur extinction is not a proven fact; it's an assumption." And I believe that the idea that dinosaurs and pterosaurs became extinct many millions of years ago makes it easier to believe in Darwin's common ancestry: That's one reason it has been heavily promoted for over a century. Is it a valid assumption? It may be, if no eyewitnesses have come forward. But that is not the case, for eyewitness have reported these creatures in many parts of the world for decades.

The key to unlocking this mystery seems to be in examining testimonies of eyewitnesses.

Nathaniel Coleman
"more likely living creatures than hoaxes"
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