Live Pterosaurs

The Positive Reader Comments

The most recent book on live pterosaurs is by Jonathan Whitcomb: "Live Pterosaurs in America." He calls this a "pure cryptozoology book," meaning that, unlike "Searching for Ropens," LPA is not a spiritual-
religious cryptozoology book, but mostly just cryptozoological. One reader said, ". . . gave everyone more sightings than they can dispute (21 states!!!) . . . wove a descriptive and engaging ongoing investigation
 . . . [and to the author] You are undeniably a talent, and very astute with your subject matter." (S.W., South Carolina)

"Big Bird," by Ken Gerhard, was praised on by C. Smith:
" . . . PACKED with interesting research and personally investigated accounts - NOT just a bunch of speculation as is too often the case with this type of book." [Big Bird is not restricted to feather-less creatures.]

"Searching for Ropens," second edition, was praised by S. Lee: "I can hardly put this book down. It is quite astonishing to read of creatures so large that they can lift a human up into the air or rob a corpse from a new grave." [referring to attacks on natives in Papua New Guinea]

Nathaniel Coleman
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Book by Jonathan David Whitcomb
"Live Pterosaurs in America" (nonfiction)
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