Childcare and Education

It's fun to learn coloring in the Whitcomb child care home
Early Education in Child Care
Young children, including preschoolers, need a variety of educational experiences, as well as a variety of degrees
of challenge. Too many activities that are too challenging
(beyond what they are ready for) will become boring or
discouraging; too many that are too easy, however, will
also become boring.
On the technical side, research reports and journal
articles related to child care and early education are
available. For example, one of the questions that might
be addressed is "Which instruments are most ap-
propriate to measure quality-of-mathematics-teaching
in early childhood?"
For some parents and care givers, there are many on-
line games for preschool children. These require some
computer accessibility and supervision.
The old fashioned coloring book or clay modeling are
also delightful for toddlers in childcare, always.