Long Beach Daycare For Children
Child care, for preschoolers and school-aged, in Long Beach, California (Bixby Highlands)
Family Home Care
Use of Television
Daycare For Children
"Childcare options . . . family-home, center, nanny, and babysitter"
Long Beach Babysitting
Lakewood, California, Daycare
Two parents, Clark and Kristy, have said, "We have been thoroughly pleased with the level of care, love and affection that you have provided to both of our children over the past 10 years.
Preschoolers in a Long Beach Child Care
A babysitter can come to your home to care for your child; a licensed family daycare provider receives you and your child into her home.
Long Beach Childcare Whitcomb Family Daycare Featured Family Home Child Care Gladys and Jonathan Whitcomb have had child-care children in their home for over twenty years.
Outdoor buggy rides and playground free-time are usually far better for children (in Long Beach, California)
than endless, mindless television.
(Whitcomb Family Daycare)
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Whitcomb Family Daycare; California license # 191604310
In California, licensed "family home daycare" usually involves full-time care-giving in the home
of the person providing childcare. (Babysitting
and nanny service are normally in the home of
the child receiving care.)

Family home childcare is usually less expensive when more than a few hours of care are needed by the parents.
Child Daycare in Long Beach
For over twenty years, the Whitcomb home has been known as a delightful place for children to play and to learn. . . . Gladys and Jonathan Whitcomb believe in keeping children safe. . . .
Jonathan and Gladys Whitcomb (at Whitcomb Family Daycare in Long Beach, California) give
children in their care many ways to develop mentally (intellectually) and emotionally: free
piano lessons, craft creations, stories, free chess lessons, and learning both the alphabet and short words. But television is used only
on occasion and with care.

Unlike some daycare homes in Long Beach, Whitcomb Family Daycare does not allow the preschoolers to watch television every day.
Whitcomb Family Daycare, at 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, California, 90807, is convenient to the city of Lakewood.