Childcare: fun to be safe and healthy
Safety and health in a family daycare for children
One aspect of safety in a family child care home is regarding the experience, knowledge, and skill of the child care provider. Does the provider know how to avoid potential dangers in the daycare home? Did the provider raise here own children?

Ask questions of your potential child care provider.
Another aspect of safety in the family daycare is in the home itself. Does it have one or more rooms dedicated exclusively to the child care business?

Is there a fence in the front yard that will protect the children when they are being dropped off or picked up? Few family child care homes do have a front-yard fence for kids.
What about disease control? Does the child care provider wash her own hands often?

Does she wash the hands of the children often? Does she or an assistant wipe toddler noses that are running?

Do the children wash hands after coming in from a park outing?
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Safety and Health in a family child care
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