It's fun to learn in child care
Childhood learning in a family child care (day care)
A child in a family child-care learns in three ways: from care givers, from other children, and from objects like toys.

Care givers (providers) can give both formal and informal teaching. The formal is what usually comes to mind: singing the alphabet song or questioning children on animals, etc. But the
informal is important: how to behave and how to understand language.

Of course kids learn from other kids. They imitate their friends who are older, especially. This can be positive or negative, so the care givers need to watch out.

Children in a child care learn from playing with toys as well. One way
they learn from toys is in hand-eye coordination. They learn to manipulate objects. But with stuffed toys or dolls, children learn socially and this can happen, to a limited extent, without reactions from other humans.

Regardless of how a child is learning at the moment, the care giver can watch and help the child learn.
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