UFO video footage given brief analyis by Jonathan Whitcomb

Be it known that my expertise is in eyewitnesses more than in the technical aspects of video analysis. Here are my observations:
First, the smaller objects move in complex ways. My experience with 3-D animation is too limited to allow me to make any profound judgement about those movements. But they seem rather complex for an animation hoax. If that were all there were to the video, I would allow that this may be evidence for a strange ET-type activity. But only maybe. There are four things that make this video suspicious, however.
A typical eyewitness would not turn the camcorder around and videotape himself calmly explaining that he has just videotaped a UFO. But videotaping oneself is a good technique to verify who has just been recording the video. The problem here is that just before turning the camcorder onto himself, the videographer seemed to turn off the camcorder, then he recorded a different background; then he videotaped himself. That destroyed the whole purpose of that technique. This is not direct evidence for a hoax; but it would make a hoax look more genuine. In other words, it is suspicious.
It should be noted that the location is the same, only the camcorder was off for a short while. I would guess, by the cloud formations, it was off for 2-45 seconds. But why did he reposition the camcorder to record a part of the sky where there was no apparent UFO activity?
That kind of problem then becomes worse. After videotaping himself, the videographer turns the camcorder back to the sky. But then there seems to be another cut. Why? It makes it more suspicious.
Another circumstance gives me concern. When the stream of smaller objects seem to be ejaculated from two sides of the larger object, the position of the videographer seems to be perfect to catch that activity: It is two-dimensional perfect, in that the ejaculation seems to be on a geometric plane that is perfectly aligned for the camcorder. Maybe he was very lucky . . . maybe.
YouTube Video - Mexico, May of 2009 - results inconclusive, needing deeper analysis
The videographer was interviewed by what seems to be a Mexican news commentator. This was put onto YouTube at:



I, Jonathan Whitcomb did only a brief examination of the footage. Here's a summary of my findings
(July 8, 2009):

Possibly a non-hoax: The motion of the smaller objects is quite complex. This may be difficult to creature in 3-D animation; but I do not say it is impossible.

Negative but circumstantial: Man appears too calm on the scene of a proclaimed UFO phenomenon. Camcorder turned off twice when it should have remained running. Geometric plane of the apparent ejaculation of smaller objects is perfectly aligned for camcorder.
If this is a geniune recording of a strange activity in that sky, this recording is far from perfect evidence for that activity. To be more certain of a hoax or non-hoax, a highly proficient video analysis may help.
Jonathan Whitcomb is a forensic videographer who has spent years analyzing eyewitness reports of ropens in Papua New Guinea or apparent living-pterosaur sightings in various parts of the world. He has written two books on the subject: "Searching for Ropens" (2nd edition) and "Live Pterosaurs in America."