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Clay Figurines Of Acambaro, Mexico
A German merchant in Acambaro, Mexico, one morning in July of 1944, was riding his horse near El Toro Mountain. He saw something half buried in the dirt. Waldemar Julsrud dismounted and dug up a ceramic piece that were unlike anything he had seen before. Eventually over 33,000 ceramic figurines were uncovered, artifacts of the Chupicuaro Culture (about 700 BC to about 300 AD). Experts verified their antiquity, but Julsrud began telling people that some of the pieces were of dinosaurs that lived with the ancient people. Indeed, close examination makes it obvious that some of the figurines showed obvious images of dinosaurs; that was when some experts changed their opinions about their age and authenticity. It seems nobody doubted the ancient existence of the culture of Chupicuaro, in what is not central Mexico. But some of the scientists felt so sure of the ancient extinctions of all species of dinosaurs that they wanted nothing to do with those many thousands of ceramic figurines, even though only a small fraction of them showed dinosaurs. Some skeptics declared that the whole collection was a fraud, that all of the figurines were fake, the result of a hoax. The idea became circulated that local farmers created the many thousands of ceramic figurines, when the fields needed no farm work in the winter months. That was a baseless speculation, however, for several local investigators looked into the insinuations. They found that the local people never made any ceramic pieces, in fact having not even a fraction of the wood that would have been necessary to bake even a tiny fraction of the ceramic figurines that were in the collection. It seems that a Mexican dealer in ancient artifacts, in another location in Mexico, had told an American archaeologist that a farming family had created the figurines in recent years. The paleontologist failed to investigate the declaration and assumed the whole Julsrud collection was a fraud. The American then publicized his opinion about a hoax. The antiquity of some of the figurines has been tested, by two scientific methods in fact, and they have been found to be a great many centuries old.
Not all scientists dismissed the clay figurines that so much resembled dinosaurs. Live Dino (home) Julsrud Figurine Collection in Mexico Gideon Terrified by a Ropen Cryptozoology and Pterodactyls
One of the Acambaro ceramic figurines